Edelmira Leon
2021-11-10 20:12:06

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The Among Us Roles and Cosmicube update is here and that's why today we will tell you how to level up.

What are Among Us levels?

They are one of the features added to the game with the arrival of the Roles and Cosmicube update, which brought with it among many things, a leveling system that will make you want to progress and level up.

How to level up in Among Us?

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Leveling up is very easy, you will simply have to play and complete games as you would normally do in any role, taking into account that if you leave a game early, you will not receive experience for your level, but you will receive a ban from the server.

You will also be able to get experience with the new secondary roles, but this is not confirmed. However, the key is to fulfill the role assigned to you to try to get experience.

That's all you need to know about leveling up in Among Us, so now that we have come to the end, we hope you manage to get all the experience you need.

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