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With our help you will see that knowing how to complete all the tasks in the cabin is easier than you thought in Among Us.

What to know about the booth in Among Us?

On the aircraft map we have many tasks presented to us, now we find ourselves specifically with those of the cockpit, which we have on the far left of the map, passing through the communications' area, next to the room of engines, of the entire map the cabin is the room with the greatest amplitude, it is necessary to take into account a total of 3 tasks to be carried out and in this guide we will be explained how to complete all the tasks of the cabin, let's see the details below.

How to complete all the cockpit tasks in Among Us?

  • Data loading: we have to go to the left end of the room, where we find a terminal with which to interact, which allows us to enter a menu that indicates the need to download the information, then we click on the corresponding button on the part bottom, when the download is complete you have to go to the observation deck, this is in the communications room, south of the armory, passing through the kitchen until you reach the viewpoint, here we have to extend our phone to look for a signal, when this is good we can load the data and complete this task in Among Us.

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  • Energy diversion: regarding how to complete all the tasks in the cabin, for this specific one it is necessary that we go to the electricity room, this is located on the right side of the map, on the way we pass the main room and then there is to go down, until we reach the upper right area of ​​the electrical room, here we have to look for a closet in a corner, then when we get closer we must interact with the dials by pushing the dial of the cabin up, once we do this We return to the cabin to accept the energy exchange, we will do it in the panel that is next to the cabin, we will click on the icon in the center to make the energy enter.

  • Steering stabilization: for this task we have to go to the center of the room, this is located near the cockpit, it is necessary to locate the pilot's chair and interact with the terminal that is located here, we have to have 2 elements to interact, a steering wheel and a bar, it is necessary to adjust the bar so that it reaches to align with the green bar that is on the left, while for the steering wheel it is required to modify the size to the green outline, once both are correctly we will have completed this task.

Finally, now that we know how to complete all the cockpit tasks, we can move on to Among Us.

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