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Among Us still has things to do, and this makes it necessary to tell you about the List of all roles.

What does it mean to know the List of all roles in Among Us?

Simply knowing the capabilities that we are allowed to perform in order to mobilize through the map through some maneuvers simply to help our companions, in this game there are different roles that can well be used in our favor, and it is about this that today we are going to talk to you in this guide.

What is the List of all roles in Among Us?

Guardian Angel:
this is a very interesting role because this is usually an effective crewmate after being dead, with him, we are allowed to travel around the map and be properly protected both ourselves and our crew, this because it usually offers us a kind of temporary shield to protect us from impostors for a few minutes.
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Engineer: this is a role that allows us to move through the ventilation ducts, this allows us to move quite quickly, although it is true, the imposter was the only one capable of doing it, it is convenient to say that you do not necessarily have to play as imposter to dominate the role, we just have to be careful because it is precisely the imposters who are in charge of sneaking through these pipelines, and it can become an inconvenience for us.

Shapeshifter: with this role we are allowed to change our appearance when we consider it favorable, for this it will only be enough to copy him, we can use some costumes that may not necessarily last long.

Scientist: this role allows us to check the allies we have while we are playing, we only have to carry the device that requires a battery that is usually filled by completing some tasks on the map, to check health or check if to allay is dead.

We can end this guide on the List of all roles so that it is usually only necessary to take care of playing Among Us as best facilitated us.

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