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In the universe of Among Us we have many tasks, one of them is How to complete all the visual tasks and here we will give you the details.

What to know about Among Us?

Throughout the game we find many tasks, among which with the recent updates we have different tasks to be completed on the map, which are performed in different ways and to have an idea of ​​how to complete all the visual tasks we have the support of this guide with the following details.

How to complete all visual tasks in Among Us?

We are presented with a different pair in terms of How to complete all the visual tasks, where to have an idea of ​​what task we are doing we see it in the upper corner of our screen, we are presented with the long and short tasks, where the first is to execute Actions that are worked in stages and in the case of the short ones it is something specific to do in a short time, in total there are 5 visual tasks in Among Us, in which the innocence of the companions will be verified and if others of them see the task to be performed is the one who does it is innocent
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Long tasks

  • The clearing of the asteroids: it is necessary that to complete it, 20 asteroids are shot to destroy them, being ideal that the reticle moves in the direction of these and with clicking it is achieved, from outside the laser shots are noticed, which is Presents in Skeld and Polus only.
  • Empty the parachutes: we start at O2 and will end in the warehouse, it is necessary that at the beginning the lever on the right is pulled and that it be kept pressed until the parachutes are emptied in Among Us, this must be done on multiple occasions until the task is completed, which occurs only on Skeld.
  • Empty the garbage: similarly to the previous task, we have to start in the cafeteria and end in the warehouse, we must do the same with the lever until the garbage is emptied, do it multiple times until the task and that also occurs only in Skeld.

Short tasks
  • Prime shields: a series of red and white hexagons is presented in this area, it is necessary that the red panels are changed by the white ones, for them, we click on the red ones, then the hexagons will be shown in white, thus completing the task, it is about of a visual task because the shields end up lighting.
  • Scan submission: it is required to get to be on the platform that allows us to measure our weight and height, something that takes about 10 seconds and in this way it is solved How to complete all the visual tasks, which is the visualization of the scanner for it is considered among the tasks.

Certainly these tasks can be the bridge to confirm some suspicions of a player, because being the imposter it is not possible to complete these tasks, but it is something that can be used instead of going directly to the accusation, when these tasks are completed for the first time They cannot be repeated, so it is appropriate to use it to clarify doubts.

We can conclude that knowing how to complete all visual tasks is easier than thought once we have this orientation in Among Us.

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