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2021-06-01 09:27:02

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Among Us continues to offer us tasks to perform and this makes it convenient to tell you How to download the Town Of Us Mod.

What is the object of the Mod take care of us in Among Us?

This game allows us to have different actions to perform, which has meant that there is a good number of players enjoying it, in this sense, the City of us Mod allows us to experience different roles, and these are usually immersed in different options, Although it is true this game has a very interesting simplicity, it is also worth noting the competitiveness, and that is where this mod comes to work to make our gaming experience even more attractive.

How to download the Town Of Us Mod in Among Us?

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It should be noted that the Mods themselves usually carry a certain risk, and that is the reason why they are available for PC, in this sense, it is worth noting that the mod is usually installed in this way: It is necessary to have Among Us downloaded on Steam.

  • Next, it is necessary to go to in order to download the mod.
  • We must download the mode using the link next to the version we are using of the game.
  • The file will be downloaded in zip and should be saved to the desktop so that it is easy to access.
  • Next we proceed to extract with Winrar so that this allows us to obtain a folder with two folders and three files.
  • Then it is necessary to go to Steam and mouse over Among Us in the management tab in order to select “Browse local files”.
  • We proceed to copy all the files from the folder that we have extracted into the Among Us folder.
  • Then we save it and launch the game once more in such a way that it allows us to see “town of us mod loaded” on our home screen.

Note: to uninstall this mod, all you have to do is delete the game and install it again.

In this sense, knowing How to download the Town Of Us Mod allows us to have the possibility of enjoying other roles and thus continue taking advantage of Among Us.

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