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Guide to learn where to find birthday cakes in Fortnite

The Battle Royale mode is celebrating its third anniversary so it is not surprising that Epic Games put out things allusive to the celebration in Fortnite. Also, as is tradition, they launched a series of challenges that you will find in the center of it called Birthday Bash, one of those challenges is about knowing where to find the birthday cakes to complete them, and that is why we will tell you in this detailed guide how to complete it.

Where to find the birthday cakes in Fortnite?

You should know that the Birthday Bash challenges will be available until Thursday, October 1, so you will have less than a week to complete them all. Although if you dedicate yourself fully to it you will be able to complete it without problems, in addition to that they will give you an incentive that it is a Cake Back Bling, so if you are one of those players who wish to do so, they will ensure the completion of the Birthday challenges. Bash.
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    All birthday cake locations

    • 1: Just west of the Dr. Doom statue in the center of the Doom Domain.
    • 2: At the entrance to the Sweaty Sands pier.
    • 3: Next to the road work in Salty Springs.
    • 4: In the Garden Center parking lot in Holly Hedges.
    • 5: On the ground floor of the large hostel in Weeping Woods.
    • 6: In front of the sliding doors that lead to the factory in Slurpy Swamp.
    • 7: By the fountain at Misty Meadows.
    • 8: Across from the tallest building on Lazy Lake.
    • 9: Near a blue and white bus in Retail Row.
    • 10: Next to the brown brick building in Dirty Docks.

    One of the relevant challenges focuses on dancing in front of them. If you have been playing Fortnite for a while this may already be a normal task for you, and simply requires emoticons to be used while around the candy. Players who do this in front of 10 birthday cakes will be rewarded with a cupcake wrapper and will be one step closer to the special Back Bling.

    The other birthday cake related challenge asks players to get health or shields from the deserts, and this is as easy as the task detailed above.

    In fact, all that needs to be done here is interacting with the cake slices around the central birthday cakes, and they should be able to get the necessary 50 health or shields in no time. This will earn you 80,000 XP as a reward, which will help players level up the Season 4 Battle Pass.

    With all this being said about where to find the birthday cakes in Fortnite, without managing to complete all the missions you can earn a considerable amount of XP and a ton of other benefits in the game. Luck!

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