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2020-09-26 09:22:47

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How to get Excalibur in Spelunky 2.

On how to get Excalibur, first you will need to get hold of some items, the first is the Udjat Eye. You can do it by collecting a gold key that is in the initial levels of the game which you will have to take to a gold chest in a person dwelling in the cave with two stairs on the same level. The location itself is random, so you'll have to keep an eye out if you find one.

When you get it you will have to use it you will have to use it to obtain one of the signs of royalty in the game from two of the secret areas of the game. The first is the Egyptian Hedjet which is in the lower corner of the black market in the Jungle Zone.

This item is priced at $ 40,000.

You will also have to get the crown of the castle of Vampires which is free at the top of the area, but it will be guarded by Vlad the Vampire, who will chase you until you manage to kill him.

In order to get to any of the secret areas they are in, you will have to meet some additional requirements and have certain supplies on hand.

In addition to this, you should keep in mind that you can only get one of the royalty signs per race, this means that your choice will also affect the levels in which you will have to play to reach the sword.

When you manage to get all the elements you need you will have to advance until you reach level 4-2, to later go to the lower center of the level and find the platform. You can also see the sword in a stone block and you can get it.

When you get it and want to complete a standard execution of the game, this sword will be perfect, as well as to find secrets, to kill Kingu and obtain the Tablet of destiny that hides a very important battle of Spelunky 2.

 Now that you know how to get Excalibur in Spelunky 2, we hope you get it as soon as possible and get the most out of it in turn, remember that as this guide on how to get Excalibur in Spelunky 2 we have much more content about the game that will be for you useful