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Those who want to know how to get Cosmicubes in Among Us have come to the right place, because it has everything you need to know.

 What are Cosmicubes in Among Us?

Cosmicube packs and hints are cosmetic packs that you can unlock to get items such as masks, pets and dog tags for your character's profile in the game. You will be able to access them in the in-game store, but unlocking them is another matter.

How to get Cosmicubes in Among Us?

In order to get Cosmicubes you will have to fulfill a star or bean requirement:

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The first one is a premium currency that you will be able to buy in the in-game store, and the beans are a smaller currency that you can get just by playing, no matter if you win or lose.

In order to activate a Cosmicube, you will have to go to the specific one in the Among Us store and select it, but keep in mind that it will have a cost, for example for the premium Cosmicube you will have to pay 70 stars. To activate the bean one, you will need to have 2,600 beans before starting it.

When it is active you will be able to go into the cosmetic track, which will allow you to get cosmetic items as you play. This will allow you to obtain Mira Cosmicubes, Polus Cosmic Cubes and Airship Cosmicube, but note that there are no specific roles or gameplay behind them.

That's all you need to know about how to get Cosmicubes in Among Us, so hopefully you'll be able to get all Among Us related items.

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