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2021-04-06 09:23:59

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Delve into the universe of Among Us, because today we are going to tell you how to complete all the shower tasks.

What to know about the shower in Among Us?

As a result of the extensive map of the aircraft, there are a series of tasks to complete, among this are those of the showers, a place that is located on the right side of the main room, it is important that we go down from the records to arrive, after that it is important that we know how to complete all the shower tasks and this is what will be answered in the following content.

How to complete all shower tasks in Among Us?

  • Power diversion: in the electrical room it is necessary to find the switch to complete this task in Among Us, for this we have that this room is under the showers, passing the main hall we will be in this place going down the stairs, we must focus on the closet on the left side, in the bottom corner, once we interact with it, we can power the showers, then we return to it and look for the electrical panel in the area, near the entrance we will find it, when interacting with it alone You must press the middle icon to achieve the energy deviation and complete this task.

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  • Fix the showers: for this task we will go to the center of the room and access all the showers, where we find that one of these has the yellow color with which to interact to begin, noticing the task on our screen we are going to look for a hammer, noting that has to be repaired, and we will do it by keeping the interaction button pressed until we see the indicator in red, it is ideal that we hit it in the green and yellow regions, when we achieve that the shower head is aligned we will have managed to solve how to complete all shower duties.

  • Collect the towels: for this task it is required that we find a total of 8 towels, highlighting that it is not possible to collect all of them because they are not available, which will be highlighted in yellow, so it is necessary to make a tour of all the showers to find those that stand out, then interacting with it, the area can be cleaned, when we finally collect all of them and the task will be completed.

Thus, we finalize our guide on how to complete all the shower tasks, hoping that you can get the best out of Among Us, a very moving game.

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