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2022-04-01 09:10:52

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Today we bring a Among Us guide where we will tell you how to get the Ghostface costume.

What is the Ghostface costume in Among Us?

This is an outfit that is related to the movie Scream and this costume usually has a similarity and it allows this outfit to match between the date that goes from March 31 to April 30 and while this usually occurs.

How to get the Ghostface costume in Among Us?

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This costume is usually free and we must take into account that there is the possibility of getting a partner to fit in and in this sense, it is necessary to use some main weapons such as the Impostor's knife, this allows us to be the impostors in some occasions, this as long as we log in within the date that the outfit can be available.

This costume is part of the new content that this game brings us and that, as we said before, is related to the movie Scream, it has been successful and this applies perfectly to this game, but it is not the only one in this game, it is expected, there are some other masks based on different horror characters, in addition to some of Master Chief, at least that is what has been heard to date.

  In this sense, knowing How to get the Ghostface costume offers us the opportunity to have a free outfit in Among Us.

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