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Lidia Rozo
2021-04-08 16:43:43

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Among Us has managed to occupy us enough and that is why today we are going to explain how to complete All Airship Map Cargo Bay Tasks.

What are the Aircraft Map Cargo Bay Tasks in Among Us?

It is necessary in the first instance to understand that the game presents us with a new map of the cargo aircraft and this leads us to work on some assignments, because in a way this comes to offer a different touch to the game where there is the possibility of traveling on board of an aircraft and choose to complete some tasks.
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How to Complete All Airship Map Cargo Bay Tasks in Among Us?

To achieve this it is necessary:

Finding the cargo hangar:
this is our first task and to locate it, it is necessary to move to the far right part of the aircraft map, there is the possibility of entering the hangar through:


  •  The mechanical room.
  • Livingroom.
  • The shower room.


 Unlock the cargo hangar safe: this box is usually yellow, and it is necessary to interact with it in order to open it, it is usually located at the bottom of the cargo bay, in the safe is the combination, only It is necessary to enter them in the order that they usually appear, choosing to avoid releasing the finger from the dial. When entering the numbers, it will be necessary to turn the handle on the right counter-clockwise.

Complete the task Refuel engines: this is another necessary action and focuses on refueling the engines using fuel, for this it is necessary to go to the engine room and engines, we must also fill the gas tank at the refueling station.

Download data in the charging bay:
It is necessary to interact with the wall panel, as this allows us to download the information on the tablet and choose to upload it later when we go to the "Observation Deck".

 In this sense, knowing how to complete All Airship Map Cargo Bay Tasks allows us to delve into various activities in Among Us, try it.

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