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2020-09-26 09:26:23

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If you want to know how to beat Hades in this guide you will find everything you need to know.

What is Hades about.

Before telling you how to beat Hades, you have to know that the title belongs to the roguelike action role-playing video game developed and published by Supergiant Games and that it was released on September 17 for PC and Nintendo Switch users. In the game, you will find a powerful boss with the same name in the game, in fact he is one of the most powerful bosses, so it will not be easy to kill him, so we prepare everything you need to know about how to beat Hades to that you manage to finish him

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How to beat Hades.

On how to beat Hades, the first thing you have to know and take into account is that the ruler of the underworld is one of the toughest opponents in the game, so you will have to take care of his abilities or you will have a very bad time.

Before accessing the Temple of Styx, we recommend you take a look at some of the blessings that are available to you in the game as they will be very useful.

Also make sure to get the best possible build for Zagreus before going into battle, and equip the Chaos Shield to save yourself from his attacks.

Before starting the battle, you must bear in mind that it is divided into two parts.

In the first part you will have to take him through the sand and keep a certain distance between you and the ruler of the underground, since with his speed he can reach you, so make sure to dodge him and move as much as you can.

Make sure to attack him as much and as often as you can until he loses all his HP when he loses his health. When it regenerates and the next phase begins you will have to continue dealing as much damage as you can.

Start the second part of the battle and the boss will use his heavy weapons to attack you like Soul Vases, again you will have to keep moving to dodge it and not get stuck in this attack.

The boss will then use a Hellfire Laser attack in which he will stop moving and fire multiple lasers that would prove fatal if they hit you. In this sense you will want to curbrirte as much as you peudas using the pillars and use the chilling freeze and decomposition as many times as you can to keep lowering his HP until you finish him off.

 That's all you have to know about how to beat Hades, we hope that now that you know it, you will be able to kill this powerful enemy in the shortest time possible and in the simplest way with our tips.

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