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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-26 16:30:55

More about: No Man’s Sky

We have made for you a No Man’s Sky guide where we intend to tell you How to Upgrade multitool in Origins.

Why upgrade the multitool in No Man’s Sky?

  This is an interesting task since it allows us to access the update more comfortably, since Origins is the most recent expansion in this game, where it is possible to have certain particular characteristics, which it is possible to access and for which we have made this explanatory guide.
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How to Upgrade multitool in Origins in No Man’s Sky?

 The possibility of updating the multi-tool station is a necessary task since it is precisely here where we can choose to buy some new slots, as well as our multi-tool and other necessary updates, only that before proceeding with this task it is necessary to count With some money, because with it it is possible to change some maps, because there are some secret places and it is precisely the cartographer who will be in charge of offering us this possibility, only it is not free.

 It is important to proceed to buy as much data as possible and take our spacecraft to go to the places we have pointed out, among these we have the address of the factory that is full of enemies, which we will face, here it is possible to use some letters we have to get to other manufacturing facilities where we can craft some expansion slots for our multi-tool, and return to the upgrade station just for the purpose of selecting the multi-tool we are interested in upgrading, install the multi-slot -tool and surely apply the update, this can be applied with all the slots that we have in this game, especially considering that to do so it is necessary to have enough money.

 This is all you need to know about How to update multitool in Origins, because you just need to be as careful as possible in No Man’s Sky, give it a try.

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Hello Games
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9 August 2016
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