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2020-09-28 08:08:58

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Guide to learn how to beat Wolverine in Fortnite

  Finally Epic Games released its second most important update in Fortnite due to the fact of having added a new boss that is nothing more and nothing less than The Mighty Wolverine so it will not be an easy enemy to defeat, so this guide will give you it will help in everything you need to find it and ensure your victory.

Where to find Wolverine

Wolverine generally spawns in different areas of Weeping Woods in each game. If you are looking to defeat him and get your hands on his clutches, you will have to go to Weeping Woods and look for his tracks because he is not standing at the exact point but constantly wandering.
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How to beat Wolverine

If you manage to find Wolverine in the aforementioned area you will have to defeat him and that is not an easy task. He has more than 1000 health and his claws are to be feared, so it is best to avoid attacking from the front because you will be exposed and you will be an easy target for him.

Your best bet to defeat him is to try it from a distance, preferably from the top of a building. This way, you can easily cut it off and drain its power without any resistance.

Wolverine claws. A Mythic ability

When you've beaten Wolverine, he'll drop his claws and then you can swap them out for your current weapon to wreak havoc on your enemies. Equipping the claws will allow you to use certain abilities such as:

  • Generic primary pit attack
  • Aerial cut maneuver
  • Air Dash
  • Dodge ability

 Now that you know how to beat Wolverine in Fortnite you can create a strategy to beat him in addition to getting a good reward by having the Claws of Wolverine in your power. Luck!

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