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2021-11-10 20:30:13

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With the new Among Us update it's good that you know how to play as the Guardian Angel role, so pay attention.

What is the Among Us Guardian Angel role?

It is one of the new roles that we will be able to find in the game with the arrival of the Roles and Cosmicube update. You will be able to play this role as a teammate and help your allies and make sure they can survive and reach the end of the game. Being one of the most complex and important roles, you will have to know how to play as the Guardian Angel role.

How to play as the Guardian Angel role in Among Us?

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The main task of the player with this role is to protect his teammates from harm. Note that this role will not be able to actively use his ability unless he is dead. But if you approach an ally you will be able to see a blue aura around him, which indicates that you can grant shield protection for a few seconds before the impostor catches him. Being a ghost you will also be able to see things that others can't but you won't be able to talk about it.

The best thing to do is to stay close to your allies and use your shield to protect them when the impostor is near.

You can use your shield to protect an ally and hit him with your shield for a few seconds when an impostor approaches him. Every time you use your shield you will have to wait 60 seconds to use it again, so we recommend you to save it for when you really need it, so you can force the impostor to act and you can identify him.

That's all you need to know about how to play as the Guardian Angel role in Among Us?, so now that you know how to play this role, we hope you can protect your teammates and identify the imposter to keep them safe.

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