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2021-11-11 10:01:04

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Delve into the universe of Among Us because today we will talk about How to adjust the role settings.

What to know about the roles in Among Us?

 Our gameplay has been expanded with the addition of new roles, which are for the impostors in crewmates, in the case of the latter we have to be possible to be scientists, engineers or guardian angels, for the impostors it is presented the option changes forms, transforming into other players temporarily, now it is ideal that we are aware of How to adjust the role settings and for this the following content comes into action, let's see it.

How to adjust role settings in Among Us?

 The settings can be done only by the host of the room, for this you have to go to the laptop that is in the lobby to interact, here we have the option to customize the settings you want for the next game in Among Us, at the top On the screen, you have to click on the gray impostor that is surrounded by red to resolve How to adjust the role configuration, we will have access to the 4 available roles, while on the right there will be a couple of configurable options, one of them is the maximum number of people who can have this role, the other is the percentage that will be possible to obtain the role, only one role can be given to each person, it is important to have the details of each role and these are the following:
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  • Scientific: allows the option to manipulate the wait time to view the vital signs panel.
  • Engineer: it is possible to decide the time to use the ventilation duct and how long to be with it before its expulsion to the room where it is located.
  • Guardian Angel: this allows you to choose the time between the protections for the ability and the duration time for the protection with this, you can also determine if the impostors can visualize a partner who is protected.
  • Change forms: this option determines the time that the impostor can be transformed, including the time that must pass to do it again and if evidence is left at the place of transformation or not as an indication that he was in that place.

  We hope that the detailed information here on How to adjust the role settings has been very useful for your progress and fun in Among Us.

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