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Among Us has more activities for us and this makes it necessary to talk to you about How to get stars.

What are the stars in Among Us?

This is the other existing currency in this game and that has been incorporated in the most recent update of this game, in such a way that knowing How to get stars allows us to get involved in the search for said currency that is favorable in the acquisition of new cosmetics, It is necessary to take into account that this game as such has two different types of coins, on the one hand these are the Beans that have been seen since this game was launched and now the stars appear, although it is true that none of these coins are crucial to playing Amnog Us, we can say that they tend to be related to the purchase of cosmetics that can be essential in this game.

How to get stars in Among Us?

 It is good to keep in mind that stars are usually a premium currency that must be purchased directly to support developers, very different from the beans that are usually obtained by playing public or private games, in this sense, knowing how to get stars makes us take care of go to the game store through the Stars tab and access the respective purchase, which can be done as follows:
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  • Buying 20stars has a cost of $ 1.99.
  • Buying 30 stars costs $ 2.99.
  • Buying 50 stars has a cost of $ 4.99.
  • Buying 110 stars costs $ 9.99.
  • Buying 300 stars costs $ 24.99.


 It is necessary to take into account that Among Us has different cosmetic packages that can only be changed with stars, and they are:


  •  Airship package that requires 20 stars.
  • Mira package that requires 20 stars.
  • Polus Pack that requires 20 stars.
  • Brainslug Pet Pack requiring 30 stars.
  • Bedcrab Pet Pack requiring 30 Stars.
  • This Animal Pet Bundle requires 30 Stars.
  • Stickmin Pet Pack this one requires 30 Stars.
  • Crewmate Pet Pack requiring 30 Stars.
  • Sky Cube requires 90 stars.
  • Arcane Cosmicube this one requires 80 Stars.
  • Cheat Cosmicube this one requires 70 Stars.


 Although it is true, some of these packages were available in the game as part of the digital content, it is possible to keep them in this DLC, also there is no need to use stars in them.

These packages that were part of the game are no longer available to be purchased on Steam which makes it necessary to have to purchase them with stars, in case of not having them and if we are interested in acquiring them.

With these types of packages it is possible that later other updates may occur because they are usually motivations for developers, however, it is good to be clear that this type of star purchases are purely optional, that is, you can continue enjoying the game with normality in case of not buying them.

 We conclude this guide about How to get stars, in such a way that it will only be enough to have some money and thus access other packages in Among Us.

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