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Today we bring you a Among Us guide, where we will explain how to complete all the tasks in Mira HQ.

What to know about tasks in Mira HQ in Among Us?

It is a total of 19 tasks to complete, where these are divided into 3 categories, which are more difficult than others, it is important that to be aware of what task we are doing that we notice it in the upper left corner of the screen, which can be decisive in our progress, now to understand How to complete all the tasks in Mira HQ it is opportune to consider this guide and its content that is presented below.

How to complete all tasks in Mira HQ in Among Us?

If we want to solve How to complete all the tasks in Mira HQ in Among Us, we must start by taking into account the existing categories and these are the following:

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  • Long: for this it is necessary that we complete an action and then complete them in a certain time, which may be the longest due to the fact that it has different stages. '
  • Short: they can be completed with just one session and in a short time.
  • Common: these are those to be completed by all players, considering then that if one player has a task the others will also have it, otherwise it will result in the same way.
  • The visual tasks: it can be said that it is a fourth category, where all the other players can see what we do but these tasks fall into the previous categories as well.


 Specifically, let's see the breakdown of the categories to understand How to complete all the tasks in Mira HQ in Among Us and are the following details:



  •  Elimination of asteroids: it is necessary that we shoot at the 20 asteroids to destroy them and thus complete this task, for this we use the reticle in their direction and press to execute them.
  • Power diversion: it is necessary in terms of How to complete all the tasks in Mira HQ that for this specific one we make a power diversion, at the beginning there is an illuminated panel and others not, then we have to give the one that is illuminated to drag it up, then we will go to one of the other panels in Among Us, noticing an arrow that takes us to the next location, here we enter the screen and press in the center of the panel to activate the power.
  • The reactor is running: we will notice that on the left of our screen there is a blue square illuminating, when pressing the one to the right of the panel it must be related to Among Us, what we must do is create a pattern to that the lights to continue, adding a new light during each step, we have to guide ourselves by the order of the square that is on the screen panel, on 5 occasions we have to do it.
  • Scan submission: as for how to complete all the tasks in Mira HQ for this we must get to be on top of the platform, which consists of measuring our weight and height.
  • Irrigation of plants: for this task in Among Us we have to be divided into two parts, where the first one takes us to the warehouse to access the watering can on the shelf, which we have to click to do so, then we will go to the greenhouse with the watering can to get closer to the plants.


  •  Assemble the artifact: regarding How to complete all the tasks in Mira HQ we are presented with a task that consists of the construction of a puzzle, where there is a lower piece that points downwards and is the one that we put first, then we have to achieve the match between the bottom part with the top part, this task is completed in Among Us if we do it correctly.
  • The purchase of drink: for this task it is necessary that we see which one is required to buy through a panel that is on the right side, then through the vending machine we will make a comparison to determine the code to place, if it is the correct we will have another task completed.
  • The course: it is necessary that in Among Us it is dragged on the screen to each point when we hit it on the boat.
  • Cleaning the O2 filter: regarding How to complete all the tasks in Mira HQ we are presented with a series of leaves that is floating around the filter, when we hit a leaf we have to drag it to the slot to clean it that is located at the left, then it is possible to press on it to throw it in the slot to maintain the momentum, it is something to repeat with each of the leaves to complete this task.
  • The garbage: you have to press the lever on the right and keep it that way so that the garbage is emptied.
  • The refueling of the engines: it is necessary that we fill the tank in the gasoline container and for this we have to keep pressed the silver button that is on the right, then go through the Lauch Pad area where you have to point the arrow, we access the task menu and with the help of the bottle, the button must be pressed again.
  • The measurement of time: regarding How to complete all the tasks in Mira HQ, it is necessary that we notice in the task window that is in the lower right part, where we press start after waiting 6 seconds.
  • Prime shields: we are presented with this task in Among Us where it is required to click on the red panels so that they change to white, when all the hexagons go through this process the task will be completed.
  • Data processing: we will notice that at the bottom of the window is the word load, it is necessary that we give it to start and wait about 12 seconds.
  • Carry out diagnosis: you have to start it and then return to complete it, when the window opens you have to click on the space bar of the keyboard that is displayed on the screen to be able to carry out the diagnosis, then wait for 45 seconds to return and access the window, it is necessary to give in the part of the ship that has a red circle for the selection of anomaly.
  • Order samples: a total of 5 samples are presented that must be classified and in each box there must be 2 samples, in the gem box you have to put those of rich, those of plants in the box of leaves and those of fossils in the box of footprints.
  • Unlocking the multiples: you have to press on the numbers in an order that goes from 1 to 10 in Among Us.



  •  Enter the identification code: regarding How to complete all the tasks in Mira HQ for this case, you have to click on the wallet card once we open the tasks window, which allows access to the code, we enter it as is and we complete the task with ease.
  • The wiring arrangement: it is necessary to make the colors match, for this we press the end of the cable on the left and drag it in the direction of its color that corresponds to the right, in this way it must be done for 4 colors in the wiring they are in 3 rooms.


 Knowing how to complete all the tasks in Mira HQ is interesting, because it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Among Us.

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