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Among Us has more things to do for us and therefore it is necessary to explain how to equip cosmetics types.

What is the object of equipping type of cosmetics in Amog Us?

Simply have the opportunity to customize our avatar, place some accessories, pets and colors that somehow allow us to have a particular characteristic, in this sense, to know how to equip types of cosmetics. It leads us to consider applying some characteristics that are usually intended for this game and allow in some way to have a specific characteristic.

How to equip cosmetics types in Among Us?

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It is good to keep in mind that playing with cosmetics allows us to show a particular aspect before starting a game, we must be attentive to the tab that is usually shown in the bar at the bottom of the menu, this makes it necessary to click on the circle with the astronaut icon which is usually quite small in such a way that we are allowed to access cosmetics, this is where we are allowed to customize them to our liking, thereby allowing us to access a free game.

In this task to know How to equip cosmetics types. It is necessary to take into account that there are a number of 18 shades of the spectrum of different colors, with which we are allowed to equip the astronaut, but this does not stop here, because the possibility arises of equipping ourselves in Among Us with pets, viscera, suits and hats. It should be noted that this game usually offers us a particular amount of cosmetics that are usually free, however, if you consider that this is not enough, in the same way, there is the option to purchase.

In case you are interested in buying cosmetics at Among Us you should:


  •  Go to the purchases tab that is usually found on the left side of the cosmetics tab where the dollar sign is usually displayed.
  • Next, we must take care of going to the stars tab in the upper corner on the right side where we are allowed to buy stars that can be used to acquire various cosmetics.


 In this sense, know how to equip cosmetics types. It leads us to equip ourselves and in this way enjoy everything that Among Us has for us so that we can be very colorful.

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