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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-11-02 14:05:05

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Only the best Watch Dogs Legion players know how to get secret defalt mask, which we will show you today in this article.

 What is Watch Dogs Legion Defalt's Secret Mask?

It is a secret mask based on Defalt from the first Watch Dogs game that you can find hidden somewhere in London. Although you should keep in mind that finding this mask is not that simple, so we prepared this guide to tell you how to get secret defalt mask.

How to get secret defalt mask in Watch Dogs Legion?

To get this mask you will have to go to Cannon Street in the City of London district and then head south to the River Thames and advance to the building that is south of the Cannon Street fast travel point, here you will find a staircase orange falling into the river.

Precisely when you find the ladder you will have to lower it and drop it into the river and you will find a door covered with moss sealed with a padlock and behind it the secret mask is hidden.

This gate only opens at 2:00 AM of the game, so you will have to be patient if you did not arrive around this time. To know the exact time just look at the current game time next to the minimap.
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At 2:00 AM you will see a message to open the door> open the door and look for the mask under a table on the stage where the DJ equipment is. The mask is inside a blue box that you will have to lift in order to unlock.

This way is much faster than the one provided by the game itself in which you will have to solve a puzzle related to QR codes, which will allow you to solve the Easter egg.

  That's all you'll have to do as long as you're wondering how to
get secret defalt mask in Watch Dogs Legion, so we hope you can get hold of this mask quickly and get the most out of it.

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