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2020-11-02 07:03:02

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Everything seems to indicate that Watch Dogs Legion simply comes to get us involved in searches, let's see How to get Marcus Holloway's jacket

What is Marcus Holloway's jacket in Watch Dogs Legion?

This is simply an implement that in a way brings some resources and that appeared in the previous installment of this franchise, in such a way that it has a certain degree of interest from many fans, since it is possible to have the possibility of keeping it in our closet And being able to use it, the advantage is that there is no specific agent that can use it and this is simply fantastic.
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How to get Marcus Holloway's jacket in Watch Dogs Legion?

 This item can be obtained as a reward from Uplay, it can be unlocked totally free which simply does not require us to have to have coins and this in itself is fantastic, in such a way that it is only necessary:


  •  Have a Ubisoft account to redeem this promotion.
  • Access the main menu to open the Ubisoft Connect overlay on the PC.
  • Proceed to click on SAhift-F2 this opens the Connect overlay once again.
  • Or if we prefer, we can directly access the Ubisoft Connect website in such a way that it is only necessary to log in.
  • Then proceed to select Watch Dogs Legion and then select Rewards.


 This jacket is a free reward, although it is true there are other rewards in Uplay / Connect that usually cost us some coins, on the contrary it is not the case, however in that same reward list we must take the 2000 ETO since it will be necessary for access the jacket and that it can be visible in our closet.

 This is everything you need to know about How to get the Marcus Holloway jacket, as it is a free item that we can get at Watch Dogs Legion and that somehow cannot be overlooked.

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