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2020-11-02 06:57:36

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Watch Dogs Legion has arrived and with it some interesting details, let's see how to unlock prestige Operatives

What are Prestige operatives at Watch Dogs Legion?

As we get more involved in this game we find the opportunity to know that there are some necessary characters, specifically the Prestige operatives are the best characters that we can get in this game, so that it is not necessarily ideal to search a lot if no, exactly what we are going to look for in concrete terms.
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How to unlock prestige Operatives in Watch Dogs Legion?

It is necessary to consider that from ter the Ultimate Edition we are offered the possibility of being able to unlock this type of characters from the beginning, however, it is good to know that these operations are kept behind a Paywall which leads us to have to buy them in the store and are as follows:

Joeri Martens:

  •  It features ruthless aggression.
  • He is an elite mercenary.
  • Joins DedSec looking for interestingly good challenges and contracts.
  • He is one of the best operatives we can count on in this game.
  • It has a grenade launcher.
  • It has a combat roller.
  • He owns a full automatic rifle.


 Harriet Park:

  •  She is a hacker and has control of drones.
  • She is a robotics expert.
  • While she's not cosplaying professionally, she often sells drones to the dark web.
  • It has an Immersion Pump.
  • It is a viral hacking which allows it to spread Hacks.
  • You can get cooldown from other hackers.


 Gabriel Isa.

  •  This operation teamed up with DedSec to put an end to the violence.
  • He's interested in liberating London.
  • He is a part-time tattoo artist.
  • He hates part time with the Kelley Clan.
  • Count on the MP5 as your only weapon.
  • It's an ETO steal.
  • He has a light step as he is a stealthy thief.


 This is all you need to know about how to unlock prestige Operatives, because there are simply not many but they are worth a number since they perform very well at Watch Dogs Legion.

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