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With our Spelunky 2 guide you will learn more about How to beat the ghost.

What to know about the ghost in Spelunky 2?

In our journey we are going to meet many kinds of enemies, which will lead us to use different strategies when facing them, among these is the ghost, whom we will see many times, this appears randomly, but at the level that we find ourselves We are going to have 2 options for it to appear, we have one option is to break a bottle in which its image is found and a valuable jewel inside, while the other option is to stay at the present level for a long time, our possibility of the bottle, if we do it and we will take the jewel, which causes the appearance of the ghost coming from outside the screen, if we stay about 3 minutes or more in the level the east appears to scare us, the matter is that when it appears we do not count With much to do, now to see How to beat the ghost, we are going to rely on the following content, let's see it.
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    How to beat the ghost in Spelunky 2?

    Killing him is not a possible option, it is because this can be impossible to achieve, there are so many skills and luck that we should have when facing him, in the same way as the previous edition of this game we should not try to kill him, we must stay very far away and attack it at the same time with too much precision with little chance of obtaining the correct result, what we will do is escape and for this it is necessary that we leave the area quickly, for this we look for the exit of the level, towards below it, by means of With a compass it is possible to guide ourselves to find the direction to follow, there is the possibility that the jewel we take it without inconvenience, whatever the matter, our way forward is not to face the ghost, since we will be able to face each other and therefore we will escape to the level that follows and progress in the game.

    Finally, now that we know how to beat the ghost we can move on in Spelunky 2.

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