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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-15 16:10:53

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Knowing how to change your name is a very interesting action that we can do in Among Us and here we explain it to you.

What is the name importance in Among Us?

  It is important to know that when we start playing it is necessary to choose a name, but there is the option of being able to change it, which represents an advantage, so knowing how to change your name is simply extremely interesting, on the one hand because it will obviously appear on the main screen and the players will be able to see it, because it is precisely what identifies us, on the other hand because there is the possibility of creating game modes, which could give it some change, especially since this is a game that is quite simple but attractive.
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How to change your name in Among Us?

 The name simply or mostly is more useful to identify you, because obviously you will be playing with other friends and with the name you can make a difference, although this can also be interesting to cause some confusion that could make the game complex, because It is possible, on the one hand, to choose it at random, on the other hand, to put a color on it that makes it confusing, and that somehow it can be reflected certain changes, to make life a little stronger.

 To change the name here it is only necessary:


  •  Go to the online menu of Between us.
  • Proceed to select or to organize or join a party.
  • Take a look at the top of the screen to see the player's name.
  • Then you click to enter the new name and make it default in later games.


 Changing the name can become a fairly simple task, because for our good fortune it is not something that is permanent, because here there is the possibility of taking various roles on the verge of becoming impostors, since it is possible to make a name change before or After a game and the number of times that we consider necessary, which simply makes this game even more interesting, perhaps they are one of the details that have achieved that it already has a very wide amount of recognition.

 Definitely, knowing how to change your name allows you to identify yourself as you consider necessary, as it is only a matter of choosing the most and proceeding to use it in Among Us.

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