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We welcome you to our Spelunky 2 guide where we will talk about how to evade arrow traps.

What should we know about the arrow traps in Spelunky 2?

The arrow traps are activated once we are in their visual field, it is one of the complicated aspects of this game, there are many ways to avoid them, such as the use of debris, the elements, the use of enemies or NPCs and jumping through these, now that is not enough, the details of each of these possibilities are necessary and that is why we will see How to evade the arrow traps in the following content, which will lead us to pay close attention.

How to evade arrow traps in Spelunky 2?

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    Jumping through these: this space will be important so that by doing so we can come out unharmed, while we are in the pair of squares and activate the traps we will surely pay, but with some space we can completely avoid them hitting us.

    The use of enemies or NPCs: there are multiple situations for these traps to be activated, the objects that are in our surroundings we can also use them, even persuading our enemies to cross the trap, even simply hitting them and throwing it towards the trap, our pets can also help us in activating the trap, taking into account that this can lead to death, although another use of pets is to do it in the form of a shield, which allows us to block the damage of the traps in Spelunky 2.

    The use of the elements: certainly knowing how to evade arrow traps is possible, perhaps it is not the right thing to use elements such as bombs or ropes, but staying alive is above all, so with the bomb we will be able to create a walk around the trap or make the arrow shoot in the visual field of the trap, if it is located above us then we will use the rope, which will help us climb to escape from this situation, we only see up and throw it to get away from the visual field of the trap.

    The use of debris: we are before the best possibility of How to evade the arrow traps, since it is possible to use objects around us such as rocks and many other things to activate the traps, we just have to move it to the ledge to that they are activated, in the event that it is on top of us we only have to launch the object in the same direction in Spelunky 2, now to launch the object we only have to use the left lever and with the square we launch it, this towards the direction that we aim with the lever, there are many objects that can help us so we must be very careful.

    Now that you know how to evade arrow traps just do it and keep progressing in Spelunky 2.

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