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Today we bring you a Spelunky 2 guide where we will explain how to throw items.

Why throw items in Spelunky 2?

In order to survive the different challenges and tests that we will find throughout the game, we have to have the ability to drop bombs and bodies at each of the different levels, so it is necessary that we know How to throw items and in the next content of this guide will be the details to do it, let's go to them very carefully.

How to throw items in Spelunky 2?

Prior to launching an object, it is necessary to grab it, which we must do to be next to said object by pressing the d-pad or the left joystick, adding the square button, which allows our character to grab said object until Let's decide what the next action will be, with the Square it is possible to launch the object that we have grabbed, this can be up, down and forward, taking into account keeping the d-pad pressed and the lever towards the destination, there is a series of objects that can reach a greater distance when thrown and others that due to their great weight can cause a greater impact.
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    It is important to take into account the time necessary to carry out this action, if we find traps or an enemy blocking our route, it is the precise moment for us to launch the objects, in order to minimize the damage we can receive and we will have a free way to continue, it is also possible that if we have to be in the situation of saving some pets we can grab them and throw them in a place so that they are safe, while a reduced space will be an important obstacle to not being able to launch objects, already that these will rebound against us and cause us harm.

    Finally, now that we know how to launch items we can move on in Spelunky 2.

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