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Guide to learn How to beat the Olmecs in Spelunky 2

 In Spelunky 2, he is found waiting for the players in biome 3-1. Both sub-biomes, Volcana and Jungle will take the players to the Omercas so you will have to fight with him. Olmeca will hit you to crush you to the ground and kill you. If you want to win this fight, stay with us to teach you How to beat the Olmecs to achieve this victory.

How to beat the Olmecs in Spelunky 2?

If you ask yourself in How to beat the Olmecs, you will have to continually smash it in the same area of ​​the ground so that it falls into the Lava below. To do this, you can use pumps or you can easily do without them if you don't want to waste any.

It may occur to use bombs to attack but we advise you to collect the glue they release. This glue will turn normal bombs into sticky bombs and they will stick to the surface they hit for the first time. Sticky bombs will make it easy for you to target the ground below Olmec and easily defeat him.

In the middle of the fight you must learn its pattern and based on what you collect you must create a plan to counterattack. One of the best strategies is to have him stomp on two different places instead of one. Having a single location can be quick, but it also comes with the risk of getting out of your way. Therefore, you have to make it step on two different places, which are neither too far nor too close to each other.
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    Now when you try to stomp it, head right to the other location and go the other way around. You don't have to completely defeat the Olmecs in Spelunky 2 so when you've reached a midpoint in the level, you can simply push the block and enter the Tide Pool from there.

    This may sound simple, but it is always easier said than done. If you plan to go straight to Olmec and defeat him in Spelunky 2, you should reconsider your idea.

      Now that you know how to beat the Olmecs in Spelunky 2 you can overcome this stage and get benefits from this victory in the game. Luck!

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