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We invite you to discover How to get more health in this incredible and explanatory guide of Spelunky 2.

What to know about health in Spelunky 2?

  There are different options to heal ourselves in this complex game, which become varied to use, due to the different obstacles that we will face, it is ideal that we seek to keep our health at the top if we want to stay alive, which leads us to the need to Knowing How to get more health and the answers we will have as we continue reading this guide, then let's do it carefully.
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    How to get more health in Spelunky 2?

     One of the options that we are going to have is through pets, this is possible that if we take them to the exit of each level they will increase our health at one point, to find them we have to look in the cracks and corners of the different levels, only that it is necessary to reach the exit safely, because if they die, our cure is not possible, roast turkeys are another option that we are going to have to cure ourselves, this is something of last resort that is achieved When killing and cooking them, which recharge us with health with a node, it is possible to do with a bomb or a torch, but we have several key details to consider when being in this situation, the levels in which the Turkey Wrangler appears, is It is important that we avoid killing them if they are close to it because it may want to eliminate us until we completely leave the level, the bomb or the torch have a significant force for the turkey to be roasted, in the event that We find ourselves in a pit or fall, we can lose a lot, so the mainland is the best option to carry this out while we are not exposed.

     Buying gifts from merchants is one of the options that we will have in terms of how to obtain more health, in our store we will get these on some occasions, they also have many useful objects such as equipment, weapons and packages of health, money is a very important factor for this option, so it is the least indicated of all for Spelunky 2.

     In this way we finish our Spelunky 2 guide, now you know how to get more health, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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