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2020-09-17 12:17:43

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Today we bring you a Spelunky 2 guide and our goal is to tell you how to use the Kali Sacrificial Shrine

What is the Kali Sacrifice Shrine in Spelunky 2?

  This is nothing more than a place that looks like a dark statue of the god Kali, it has a bloody table and many hands around the body, because this is one of the characteristics that we can achieve that serves as a powerful point in this game and serves to get to please the god, in addition to carrying out certain animal sacrifices, or getting some objects.
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How to use Kali's Sacrificial Shrine in Spelunky 2?

 It is necessary to consider that the greatest possibility of receiving rewards in this game is through animal sacrifices, in addition there is no possibility that the subject can get points, since we can only bring enemy pets that are alive to get the points, although there is also the chance of getting them dead, however, alive is more interesting even when knocked out.

 The sacrifice process makes us have to bring the pet or the enemy that may be dead to the sacrifices table with the mere purpose of offering it to Kali, if this sacrifice is made to please him we will be able to receive a message of complacency, in addition, it is necessary to consider that there are a number of altars throughout this game where it is possible to carry out sacrifices to get the objects in exchange.

 These is everything we need to know about How to use the Kali Sacrifice Sanctuary, since the possibility of obtaining powerful objects makes us go for several to execute sacrifices in Spelunky 2.

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