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Spelunky 2: Volcana Drill Guide

2020-09-24 14:27:24

Spelunky 2 has come to occupy us a little and therefore it is convenient to tell you how to use the Volcana drill, let's see.

What is the Volcana drill in Spelunky 2?

  This is nothing more than a necessary element that we have and can use in this game, since we are in an area of volcanoes, however getting it and above all knowing how to use it, could be somewhat complex, since it is not a thing let it be done from one moment to another.
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    How to use the Volcana drill in Spelunky 2?

     The first thing we must consider is that before using the drill it is necessary to have the Eye of Udjat, because finding it is not complicated and the game is usually started, for which it is only necessary to trace the golden key and proceed to use it to open the gold chest located in one of the houses of the men of the caves, this allows us to choose to carry out some explorations. Now, when we have the Eye it is necessary to go to one of the last stages in the volcano area.

     Upon entering the areas of the volcano we will observe the drill in the section of the middle above the level, it is only necessary to find a purple block and proceed to jump over it, then we must press R1 to interact and that the eye shoots in the inventory, then we press the button to activate the drill so that it can take us to a level that can lead us to the exit.

     With this done, it is necessary to know how to use the Volcana drill, as it is a very useful implement to use against vampires, bats or any blood-sucking enemy that is around these sides, since it will be necessary to kill or avoid them, but we cannot leave this area until you get the Excalibur sword from the tidal pool as this can be useful later.

     In short, knowing how to use the Volcana drill allows us to eliminate some unpleasant bloodsucking beings, as this could make things a bit easier, however, it is necessary to be careful, because Spelunky 2 has a lot of interesting content to offer us.

    PlayStation 4 PS4, Microsoft Windows PC
    Platform, roguelike
    Mossmouth, LLC, Blitworks
    Mossmouth, LLC
    Release date:
    September 15, 2020
    Single-player, multiplayer

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