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2020-09-15 09:16:06

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Our Among Us guide leads us to tell you How to get Manifolds, let's see.

What are the Manifolds in Among Us?

  This is a type of occupation with which we find ourselves in this game, because here we have some interesting number of tasks that we must carry out, some may be short others not so much but it is necessary to know that there are several, among which this being Manifolds The important thing about everything is to know where to go since as members of the crew it is possible that they could assassinate us, an issue that must be avoided at all costs.
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How to get Manifolds in Among Us?

 It is important to locate ourselves on the map to locate the reactor room in Skeld, the specimen room in Polus, because they are the ones who allow us to do this task of Manifolds, which is simply quite short, even though some players may think enough about it, it does not really usually take longer to complete, especially if it can be done as a team.

 To know how to get Manifolds it is necessary:

 These are represented on the number pad and range from 1 to 10.

To complete the task of Manifolds it is necessary to press the buttons in numerical order without exception.


 It is good to know that this task is not recommended to pretend that you are the impostor because this usually occurs due to how short it is, which can simply allow us not to be seen by the crew, because even when it is short it cannot be considered common. , This task is usually only obtained when we can complete an isolated position and this allows impostors to take it quite easily, especially if they usually take a long time, since being Manifolds allows us to fix the cables or card slides.


  •  In the case of impostors, it is necessary to know that there is a vent in the reactor at Mira Headquarters.
  • On the Skeld map it is possible to get two vents connected to the reactor and they can be used to escape.
  • In Polus there are no vents through which the impostor can move.

 Now that you know how to get Manifolds it is time to embark on Among Us and enjoy everything that this game brings, because we do not know if all the tasks are available for a long time, only that this game has achieved an audience amount to the point of announce a second installment.

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