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Spelunky 2: How to Use Rope - tips and tricks

2020-09-17 08:15:26

In the Spelunky 2 universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to use the rope and here we will tell you how to do it.

Why use rope in Spelunky 2?

The rope becomes one of the objects that can be very useful throughout our progress through the different levels that we have in the game, being necessary that we use it to reach those treasures and many other things, now as long as we understand How use the rope and for that we have the following content of this guide, let's follow it closely to see what it brings us then.

How to use rope in Spelunky 2?

It is necessary that we use the Triangle to release a rope, having it available in our inventory, what will happen is the launch of a line of the material towards us, when it is hooked on the wall we will see the rope come to the part of down where we are, what we will do next is press the d-pad to start climbing or we can also do it with the left lever, depending on the situation we will use the rope.

The lack of access to a specific place to reach a treasure becomes the right moment to use the rope, this will allow us to go down without losing any of the treasures, managing to have a visual of some of the paths that we must follow to find them. , but taking this into account there is a key detail, which is that the amount of rope is limited, it is capable of being finished, which can avoid reaching some places and we will lose health when this situation happens, it is a resource limited so its use must be in the most precise situations.

  It is evident that knowing how to use rope allows us to have greater access to many things and it is possible to have fun in Spelunky 2.

PlayStation 4 PS4, Microsoft Windows PC
Platform, roguelike
Mossmouth, LLC, Blitworks
Mossmouth, LLC
Release date:
September 15, 2020
Single-player, multiplayer

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