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Spelunky 2: How To Rescue The Dog

2020-09-17 09:10:18

We welcome you to our Spelunky 2 guide in which we are going to talk about How to rescue the dog.

What to know about the dog in Spelunky 2?

  In each of the levels it is necessary to rescue one of our companions, this time we talk about the dog, it is one of the highlights in the game and what we will have to do, to understand How to rescue the dog we will have to put our Attention in the following content.

How to rescue the dog in Spelunky 2?

 Access to the dogs may depend on the ropes or other forms of grip to reach them, it is possible that the pumps also help us, all our focus is on rescuing him and taking him to the exit, once we are next to this we go to position ourselves to the right and we will press down with the d-pad and the square on our PS4 at the same time in this way we are going to pick up the dog, what we will do later is move it to a safe area, which is where obstacles flourish, one one of them is that it is not possible to use our whip when carrying the loaded dog.

 Now if we get to let the dog loose, what is going to happen is that it will attract more obstacles, it is important that when loading it we are ready for enemy attacks and if necessary we will throw the dog against them, of course with some risk to the pet, since it can end up dead, it is necessary to always be alert and seek to take the correct actions, when we have saved the dog it will be grateful to us, thus gaining a heart of health, if we do more rescues like this we will be able to add HP to our advantage.

 We put an end to this Spelunky 2 guide, having the knowledge of How to rescue the dog, a fact that allows us to continue progressing in this incredible game.

PlayStation 4 PS4, Microsoft Windows PC
Platform, roguelike
Mossmouth, LLC, Blitworks
Mossmouth, LLC
Release date:
September 15, 2020
Single-player, multiplayer

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