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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-09-25 14:52:28

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Guide to learn how to beat shopkeepers in Spelunky 2

 You may want to advance quickly without wasting so much time fighting the shopkeepers in Spelunky 2, so in this guide we will teach you some reference strategies to learn how to beat the easy-to-shoot shopkeepers and advance in the game.

How to beat the shopkeepers in Spelunky 2?

There are different methods to be able to defeat the enemies. If the merchant has a Freeze Ray at your disposal you can use it this time as it is the easiest method to get rid of them. Drop some money and then use it to freeze them. You can then jump on them to kill them in one hit, allowing you to loot their shop for all its worth.

If they don't have a Freeze Ray for sale, then your next bet is to use Bombs and a Rope to your advantage. First, throw a rope near the shop entrance where there is room to climb over it, and then climb high enough to be out of the merchant's attack range.

Once there he throws a bomb at an angle down into the tent and climbs all the way to the rope. This will make the merchant chase you, but for some reason he will never climb the rope.
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From there, all you have to do is time the next bomb drop to blow it to pieces or land on its head multiple times. Either way, it should be down in no time and the clothes from the stores will be yours for the taking.

How to deal with traders protecting level exits

Of course, killing traders in Spelunky 2 has long-lasting consequences, not the least of which is that armed traders will keep an eye on every level exit after you do the deed.

There is also a method of dealing with vengeful traders and this is possible because they will always be right in front of the exit, you can usually see where they are through the level's terrain blocks by pressing and holding the D-Pad . You will then be able to throw something at them while they are out of range to stun or kill them, allowing you to use the exit before they regain orientation.

 Now that you know how to beat the shopkeepers in Spelunky 2 you will be able to advance in the game by earning benefits from them every time you fight. Luck!

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