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In the Spelunky 2 universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to get more Kapala and here we will tell you how to do it.

What to know about kapala in Spelunky 2?

  It is one of the important items in the game, which can be obtained by buying it or by discovering it, it is a legendary object and that to get it it is necessary to make some sacrifices on the altars of Kali, to support us with the details that will help us To understand How to get more Kapala we will have the content that will be presented next in this guide, let's see what it is about.
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    How to get more Kapala in Spelunky 2?

     As we progress in the game, half a dozen living sacrifices or more than one dead will be necessary, according to these it is possible to have a greater or lesser chance to get the Kapala, we have that through a live pet you can obtain many points but if it is from a corpse these will be few, in any case we only continue sacrificing until we have the Kapala on the altar where we have made the sacrifices, after they we approach it and take it.

     The effects of this object are special, when we kill any enemy we will be able to collect the drops of blood that come out of it, which will fill the cranial chalice of our health and we will obtain points the moment it overflows in our health, we can do it as often as necessary and we will raise our health in extraordinary ways.

     This is all that should be known about How to obtain more Kapala, applying the instructions we can get the most out of this legendary object in Spelunky 2.

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