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The action in Spelunky 2 does not stop so we come to explain how to tame turkeys.

What to know about turkeys in Spelunky 2?

  Turkeys can benefit us in many things in the game, they will be key to finding even a very special treasure that can only be made with these turkeys, there are many features to take advantage of in this game, which will lead us to understand how to tame turkeys and In this guide the details will be present, let's see what it offers us below.
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    How to tame turkeys in Spelunky 2?

      The utility of turkeys covers a lot of ground in the game, they have an outstanding speed when running, they have a great jump and planning so that we get to reach those areas of greater difficulty that we can only access with the help of turkeys, to tame it It is only necessary that we jump in this one, then we have to wait about 3 to 4 seconds that we run on top of the turkey like crazy, being important that we do not release the jump button to be on top of it during that time, when it calms down we will To be able to control it without any problems in the different levels, to get off this we only jump and it will stay in the place waiting for us, if we are going to have a risk of death we can jump and avoid our death.

      We hope that the information detailed here on How to tame turkeys will be very useful for your fun and progress in Spelunky 2.

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