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Guide to learn where to use the golden key in Spelunky 2

  In this multiplayer game, many will know about a golden key that you can find by chance while traveling the map. So surely you are going to want to get extra bonuses for opening those chests with the same keys, so in this guide we will teach you how to get and use them in the game.

Where to use the golden key in Spelunky 2?

To be able to find one of these keys the truth can be a somewhat complicated task. The golden key will generally start to drop at 1-2 and beyond. When you find the key, be sure to pick it up and hold it in your hand. You have to hold it or you will lose it. From there, you need to find the random entry on the level.

Once you find the door, go inside and you will find a golden chest at the top of the area. Open the chest and inside you will find the Udjat Eye.
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    The Udjat Eye will allow you to see the gems that are hidden in the walls so that you can get them more easily. This is similar to the glasses that you can buy at the store if you have enough money. You can also use the key as a weapon if you want by throwing it at enemies.

    The Udjat Eye does not have a specific use but the truth is that it could be used at some point to trigger an event or open a chest, it is something that is still in the discovery phase in the game.

      Now that you know where to use the golden key in Spelunky 2 you can get a higher score by opening chests and getting special prizes from it, depending on the situation. Luck!

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