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Find out how to unlock shortcuts in this excellent and self-explanatory guide to Spelunky 2.

What to know about the shortcuts in Spelunky 2?

Certainly there are countless tasks that we must carry out in this game, where we will have the support of outstanding abilities for exploration at different levels, shortcuts can sometimes help us to anticipate progress, but this may bring with it some requirements To be fulfilled, to understand How to unlock shortcuts, we will see the following content carefully.

How to unlock shortcuts in Spelunky 2?

It is necessary that we get to know Terra, which we will be able to see at the end of level 1-4, for this we continue our normal progress until we are at that point, the next thing is that we must find some provisions for her, being necessary that Let's find some resources to give to Mama Tunnel so the shortcuts can be unlocked, let's see what items it is.
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    • At level 1-4: the requirements for unlocking shortcuts here are a donation of 2000 dollars, bomb x1 and another donation for 10,000 dollars
    • At level 3-1: here a donation of rope x1, weapon x1 and any mount is necessary, which allows us access to the corresponding shortcut
    • At level 5-1: $ 50,000 donation, hired hand x1 and golden key x1, which allows you to unlock this shortcut

    This is all we need to know about How to Unlock Shortcuts, which allows us to progress faster in Spelunky 2.

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