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Our tour of Spelunky 2 lets us tell you Where to find Hundun, let's see.

Who is Hundun in Spelunky 2?

  This is nothing more than a secret and dangerous boss, this is usually found in a secret place which makes us have the possibility of knowing Where to find Hundun, however, this is a somewhat complex task, because the list of locations Secrets is somewhat long, to the point that even some veterans have managed to get lost, it is important to make it clear that this is the final boss which simply makes it difficult, however it is a necessary task of which it is not possible to lose ourselves.
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Where to find Hundun in Spelunky 2?

 Firstly, it is necessary to consider having the table of Destiny, because with it it is possible to reach the Sunken City to find out where to find Hundun, this simply makes us have to move to biome 6-2, proceed to open the table that contains 3 clues to choose to pick up a figure as indicated and then go down 6-3, we leave the figure in this biome so that it breaks and thus get the Qilin flying mount, in this way we move to 6-4 with some patience since It will take 4 shots no more, in such a way that it will be necessary to avoid the boss of 6-4 or simply eliminate him and thus get directly to the Sunken City where Hundun is

 How to collect the Destiny table in Spelunky 2?

 This is a necessary task, as it will be the one that allows us to reach the secret location of this boss, and for this it is necessary:


  •  Get the golden key to open the chest and thus get the Eye of Udjat.
  • Buying the Hedjet for this you need to do it on the Black Market.
  • Enter the cave at 3-1 and then reach the top to find Ankh.
  • Enter through the door below at 3-1 in order to reach the Temple of Anubis.
  • Eliminate Anubis to get the Scepter.
  • It will be required to use the Hedjet and the Screpter with which it is possible to enter the City of Gold in 4-2.
  • Locate the great Kali Sacrificial Altar in the City of Gold.
  • Fall from the sacrificial discharge, then we will be revived by Ankh.
  • Respond in Duat to eliminate Osiris and thereby get the Table of Destiny.

 Now that you know where to find Hundun it's time to embark on this journey in Spelunky 2.

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September 15, 2020
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