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Knowing how to play with friends is an interesting option presented by Among Us and here we tell you how to do it.

What can we say about Among Us?

  This is nothing more than a game where it is possible to get us with some murders, since the impostors are the ones who are in charge of doing it and they are usually the order of the day, we usually get this type of characters that can be useful even when their greatest objective is sabotage, so keep reading to see that in a few simple steps it is possible to play with friends
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    How to play with friends in Among Us?

      The first thing we must be clear about is that this game is available for PC and mobile which makes it interesting, but this is not all because it is necessary to make some selections and they are the following:


    •   First it is necessary to go to the Online session in the game menu.
    • Proceed to select the option that says we want to start a private session / game.
    • It is important to know that these private sessions are only for those who have the code of the room and we only get it when generating it.
    • With the code in our possession, it is possible to give it to whoever we deem necessary and for this you just have to look for it in the Online section.
    • When we enter we can take the time to find out who the imposter is.

      In this sense, knowing how to play with friends simply places us to share with several people in a comfortable way in Among Us.

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