Angel Marquez
2020-09-15 11:29:41

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Today we bring you a Apex Legends guide, aiming to explain where to find all the jump towers and flight range.

What to know about jump towers and flight range in Apex Legends?

At this moment we are in season 6 of this game, where constant changes are being presented that come to benefit us players, certainly some complaints have been presented that are related to trees, in this game the approach that is taken to The abilities of each of the heroes is important, these are unique, having relation to mobility, one of the aspects that are presented is that of the jump towers and flight range, which will help us to use them better, is We need to see more precise details as to where to find all  jump towers and flight range and therefore we pay attention to the following content.
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Where to find all jump towers and flight range in Apex Legends?

These are platforms suspended from a balloon, the jump towers, we have access to it by zip line, when we are up, it is possible to relocate our jetpacks temporarily, in this way it is possible that we quickly get into a position More efficient, taking into account the danger to be exposed, it is a strategy that becomes useful when flanking, each jump tower is represented by a red point, these have a circle around them tracing the jump distance from this, the limits are in a prominent amount of overlap, in this way it is possible to determine the limits to which we can reach, in fact it should be noted that the best way of displacement is in the towers, since the map presents information to at least get closer to having it memorized.

Once we are clear about where to find all jump towers and flight range, we have to start from some points on the map, where the trip through the jump towers is possible and the flight range allows us to achieve extend the jump distance by using it correctly, keeping in mind that this range is not permanent, in Apex Legends very important changes have been presented, among which is the physical jump distance of the towers, the center of the map is vital, Only when the towers are not at the distance of this to be used, being a very long way for the flight range, in this way it becomes a very perfect defensive form on the ground with the shield.

Thus we finalize our guide on where to find all the jump towers and flight range, hoping that you can get the most out of Apex Legends, a quite moved game.