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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-15 18:14:32

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Among Us has come to entertain us enough and with it carry out some simple activities so it is necessary to know how to close doors

Why is it necessary to close doors in Among Us?

  This simply serves as an interesting and necessary strategy, since our victory or our defeat may depend on it, since we are in a universe where it is possible to play as an astronaut or simply as an impostor, only this second option is a little more daring and risky , since within their tasks is the possibility of committing murders.
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How to close doors in Among Us?

  This is a process that is not necessarily complicated as long as we know how to perform it, for this it is only necessary to press the sabotage button that has a door closing option, this can serve to trap someone in a room, only when we do it We will be making it clear that we are impostors, which leads us to have to get rid of who we have locked up, preventing others from being able to see us, this becomes an excellent option to isolate people and thus be able to reduce them little by little, because it is important to know that This door closing activity can only be done with an imposter.

  Now that we know how to close doors, it is time to try it, so that we do not present any inconvenience, which makes us be stealthy in Among Us.

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