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We invite you to discover How to play with friends, a new task in Spelunky 2.

What to know about the game with friends in Spelunky 2?

At this point those of us who knew the previous edition of this game, we must be aware that it is possible to get more out of it by experimenting with friends, certainly the first of this game only had multiplayer for locals, while in this second part we will have the game n line, here it is possible to have confrontations with 4 players, so it is ideal to look for answers that help us understand how to play with friends and the purpose of this guide is to help us, let's see what it brings us.

How to play with friends in Spelunky 2?

What we will do is choose the Online option in the main menu, here it is possible to make the invitations to our friends or search for the players so that our team increases in quantity, for the invitation it is necessary that we press the triangle, to the option to search for a partner the square and to start the X, while the local game with friends we will have it by choosing to play in the main menu, then we will go to the choice of mode, finding the standard adventure mode, the mode Competition that is presented by the Arena team, bringing with it the deathmatch and retaining the idol, in adventure mode it is played with real people, while in Arena it is with bots, to add players we press the X on our controls.
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    It is necessary to emphasize that if we are on the PS4, cross-play is not possible, only with players of the same console is that we can play, this is the same for those of PC that we are on Steam, there are some occasions that errors may occur in multiplayer, so it is important to have to apply some things, among which is having security of our internet connection, playing the PlayStation Plus active for online if we are on the PS4, our NAT type can be a problem for that our friends connect, or if it is not necessary to wait for it to be corrected by a patch that ends the problems that may arise if it is not possible to solve it from our side, for this we must be attentive to the developer's announcements in this case.

    It is clear that knowing how to play with friends allows us to have more fun in Spelunky 2.

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