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Among Us: How to Get Pets

2020-09-15 11:41:51

The journey through Among Us is interesting and therefore it is good to know How to get pets.

What are pets in Among Us?

These are not more than small enough creatures, which are able to follow the players, the advantage that we get here is that there is some considerable quantity of them, next to them there are skins and hats, all these implements are immersed inside of the customization of our character.

How to get pets in Among Us?

These are one of the three types of articles with which we get, at first glance they do not seem to have a certain impact, however, they can be placed as simple cosmetics and thus achieve some particular change, it is necessary to understand that there are some pets that can be free and on the other hand others require a certain cost, only that this may also depend in a certain way on the platform we are using as it is a game that is available for PC and mobile phones.

Here is a list of pets that we can use to get, each of them has a value of $ 2.99:

  • Brown hamster.
  • Brown bed crab.
  • Blue hamster.
  • Mini White Crewmate.
  • Mini Crewmate Wall E.
  • Stickim for Henry.
  • Stickim for Ellie.
  • Purple and orange bed crab.
  • Brain slug a UFO.
  • Green brain slug.

In general terms, knowing How to get pets is simply a necessary task because it allows us to change the appearance and this has a significant value in Among Us.

Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows PC
Party video game, survival video game
InnerSloth, Steam, itch.io, Google Play, App Store

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