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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-28 15:30:55

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Knowing How to Play How to play as Crewmate is simply interesting and necessary in Among Us.

Is it easy to play as Crewmate in Amiong Us?

  This is not about whether it is an easy task or it is not about completing any number of interesting activities that allow us to stay alive in the face of the number of impostors that may be in the crew, the detail is that we have no knowledge of exactly what they are. imposters, which makes it difficult for us to identify between imposter and crew member, making our task of knowing How to play as Crewmate can become somewhat complex, especially since impostors are quite unique and tend to know the role of each player in Among Us.
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How to play as Crewmate in Among Us?

 It is necessary to consider that our greatest adversary here are the impostors, however it is necessary to carry out some tasks to fill the bar and thereby detect the impostors, before they can kill our companions and for this it is necessary:


  •  Monitor the players: It is necessary to use the task bar in order to corroborate whether or not a player is completing the tasks, because here it is important to observe if the task shows green color shows any progress, it is simply a partner, but on the contrary, some player is wandering, it means that it is necessary to be attentive because it could be an impostor in Among Us, since impostors usually tend to falsify the tasks to avoid being detected.
  • Complete the tasks: It is necessary to understand that the tasks for all the players in Among Us are the same, they are divided into short, long and common tasks, which leads us to carefully observe, if any player may be doing a task that we do not have it simply betrays him as an impostor, for which it is necessary to avoid visual tasks in front of the players to ensure our identity as Crewmate.
  • Use the meetings properly: It is necessary to gather information related to the meetings, where we can verify that the players who can blame others without having evidence are simply classified as imposters, to verify it is necessary to choose to expel Crewmate by votes false since this will bring you closer to losing, so that knowing how to play as Crewmate is more complex than what we can describe in text.
  • Make use of game mechanics: It is interesting to know that imposters cannot make use of the Bioescaner, which can easily give them away, also it is necessary to take a look at the players who may be watching the vents and ventilation ducts, for what Which is possible to use the cameras, because any player who is around these sides is simply an impostor, there is no doubt.
  • Staying in groups: If we want to stay alive there is nothing more favorable than staying in a group, since the impostors will not make any move to eliminate us, since normally they usually choose to look for the players who can be found alone.


 This is all you need to know about How to play as Crewmate, then just follow these prompts, you can check the imposters in Among Us.

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