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Angel Marquez
2020-09-28 15:39:57

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We welcome you to our Fortnite guide where we will talk about How to prevent iOS 14 from deleting the application.

What to know about iOS 14 and the removal of the Fortnite app?


  Due to the recent iOS update there is the possibility that the game application ends up being deleted, taking into account that for Apple it is not available, so we only have this on the iPhone although it is in season 3, those that have The installed application may continue to play normal, but this can be changed by a forced deletion, through the installation of the recent update that will end up eliminating applications among which is this game, now this makes it necessary for us to know how to prevent iOS 14 remove the application and we will see those necessary details in the next content of this guide, let's see what it brings us.
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How to prevent iOS 14 from deleting the Fortnite app?

 Once the update has been completed it is possible that in many cases a reinstallation may be sufficient, but the same does not happen with this game, so it is not an option to follow, everything becomes complicated because the software seeks to free up space for the update, to avoid it before it begins we must notice a warning that indicates that if we want to remove the applications to install the update, obviously if so we will cancel and then we will go to the settings, until the general ones and we will arrive to iPhone Storage, here we are going to make the choice of the applications to delete ourselves, after we have the space we are going to proceed to install the update, while the previous notice appears we can install it without problems, but if we see it again It will be necessary to free up more space.

 This is all that you should know about How to prevent iOS 14 from deleting the application, following the guidelines presented is possible for Fortnite.

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