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2020-09-28 08:44:39

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There is no perfect game, and Mafia Definitive Edition has some drawbacks and it is necessary to explain how to fix Crashes, let's see.

What are bugs in Mafia Definitive Edition?

  These are just a number of errors that have been observed in this game, because even when it is a little more in-depth on the subject of the dialogues and the additional scenes that have given it an interesting twist, it is possible to get us some inconveniences that They make us wonder how to fix Crashes, since these do not allow us to experience all the news and fixes that this game has, for our good fortune all this has a solution.

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How to Fix Crashes in Mafia Definitive Edition?


  •  Screen tears: Errors are a notorious issue in this game and this can make our experience here can be somewhat cut off, however knowing how to fix Crashes is not complicated, this specifically is related to stuttering that requires checking that MSI Afterburner is not running, on the other hand, it is necessary to fix the Screen Tearing bus for this it is necessary to go to the properties of the game in Steam and mark the right clock there, locate the box Disable full screen optimizations, as it is It is possible that this failure may occur when the GPU drivers are outdated, which leads us to check the graphics card, this only requires downloading and installing them.
  • Black screen: In our tour of Mafia Definitive Edition it is possible to get many drawbacks, and black screens are one of them, because it is ideal to play in windowed or borderless mode to be able to enjoy it and not run into this.
  • File corruption: There is a possibility that some files may be corrupted, as it is normal and it is necessary to give an answer, so it is necessary to know how to solve errors, because sometimes when we download we can get some security problem or files that may be associated with our download, for which it is only necessary to choose to run the game as administrator, if the failure continues it is necessary to go to Game Properties to check the files, as they may have errors and we have to correct any that may be missing in Mafia Definitive Edition.
  • The Game crashes at startup: this error allows us to have two particular solutions, one of them consists of scanning the game with the antivirus and our firewall, in addition to running as administrator, on the other hand the other solution is to run it from the files folder, for which it is necessary to right-click on the game in Steam, then it is necessary to go to properties, to navigate through the local files and proceed to execute the .exe file. If it is not possible to find this fix and it is still necessary to know how to fix Crashes, then we proceed to rename the game objective to-w, or by pressing Alt Enter and when starting Mafia Defitivive Edition run it in Window mode.
  • Configure the application: To fix it, it is necessary to verify the file through Properties in Steam and proceed to resume the download, as this is clearly related to the invalid configuration.


In this sense, knowing how to fix Crashes is a necessary task, since Mafia Definitive Edition is here to entertain us and there is nothing more unpleasant than errors.

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