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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-28 15:36:14

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We have made a Rocket League guide in order to explain how to fix Freezing on PS4

What is Freezing on PS4 at Rocket League?

  This is nothing more than an error that is presented as a merely freezing problem, as it is necessary to know how to fix Freezing on PS4, as it is a problem that is clearly related to the server, only that it is not the only error that we get here Since it is an online game, it is not without flaws, and it also has a considerable number of players, which ends up fueling the flaws, and for this we are here to give you the right solution.
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How to fix Freezing on PS4 in Rocket League?

 Check the status of the server.

 To corroborate this it is necessary to wait a few hours, to be able to try to play again, for this it is necessary to consult the Twitter account of Rocket League, for which we must:


  •  Check for updates and for this we only have to choose to restart the game.
  • It is possible to avoid using VPNs or Proxy while we are playing.
  • Check if the PS4 firmware version is updated or not.
  • Check that our internet connection is stable and fast.


 Other methods are:


  •  Clear the cache memory for which it is necessary to turn off our PS4 completely, after about 30 seconds, proceed to turn it on again and launch the game.
  • It is necessary to rebuild our database of our console for which it is necessary to turn off the console, then press the power button and hold it until we hear two beeps, then we connect the controller, we proceed to press the PS button and select Redbuild in the options of screen.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the game.

 In one way or another, knowing how to fix Freezing on PS4 is a necessary task, since it allows us to enjoy Rocket League with peace of mind.

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