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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-15 18:04:35

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We continue our adventure for Among Us and it is to tell you how to get all the hats, let's see.

Why wear hats in Among Us?

  This is a game that is framed in a crew and it is necessary to keep ourselves covered since it is possible to see ourselves involved in a murder, which leads us to find out how to get all the hats, because they are simply a cosmetic item that can be useful, good whether we are playing as impostors or as mere members of the crew.
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How to get all the hats in Among Us?

 To achieve them, it is necessary in the first instance to consider the following options and these do not usually present variation between the game:


  •  It is important to note that hats are usually purchased at the computer terminal before starting the game.
  • For PC users these hats can be free as long as we have paid for the game.
  • In the case of mobiles, it is important to buy it and this means that the packages are between 0.99 and 2.99 dollars.


 These are all the free hats that we can get at Among Us:

  •  Party hat
  • Safari hat
  • Black Fedora Hat
  • Green Fedora Hat
  • Banana Hat
  • Cheese hat
  • Sheriff Hat
  • Beanie hat
  • Apple hat
  • Sun hat
  • Ski goggles hat
  • Free flower hat.
  • Upside down cap hat
  • Flamingo hat
  • Hat without toilet paper.
  • Unlocking hat.
  • Hat without medical mask.
  • Pompadour hat.
  • Egg hat.
  • Hat without flat cap.
  • Hat without plant.
  • Hat without bear ears.
  • Free knight helmet hat.
  • 2019 yellow party hat for holidays.


 Free hats for Halloween:

  •  Bat hat.
  • Devil's horned hat.
  • Cat head hat.
  • Pumpkin hat.
  • Wolf ears hat.
  • Knife hat.
  • Witch hat.
  • Paper bag hat.
  • Pirate hat.
  • Mohawk.
  • Plague Doctor Mask.
  • Hockey mask.

Hat to be purchased individually at Among Us:


  •  Potted hat worth $ 0.99.
  • Double top hat worth $ 0.99.
  • Bush hat worth $ 0.99.
  • Paper hat worth $ 0.99.
  • $ 0.99 value party hat.
  • Brain slug worth $ 0.99.
  • Captain for a value of $ 1.99 this includes the hat.
  • Military for a value of $ 1.99 including hat.
  • Police for a value of $ 1.99 including hat.
  • Astronaut worth $ 1.99.
  • Stethoscope worth $ 1.99 including skin.
  • Ushanka for $ 0.99.
  • Goggles worth $ 0.99.
  • Viking for a value of $ 0.99.
  • White suit worth $ 1.99 including hat.
  • Towel wizard worth $ 0.99.
  • Mechanic for $ 1.99 including hat.
  • Wall cap worth $ 1.99 including fur.
  • Suit for $ 1.99 including hat.


 Next we present the packages, as there is the possibility of getting them grouped together which means that they can contain more than one hat and are the following:


MIRA HQ Pile Pack is priced at $ 1.99 and contains the following items:


  •  MIRRA safety cap.
  • MIRRA Hazmat Mask.
  • 1M download package.
  • Green elf cap.
  • Eyebrows
  • Crown.
  • Snorkel and diving goggles.
  • Landing headphones.
  • Top-hat.
  • Stickmin figure.
  • Angel Halo.
  • Eyeball lamp.


2018 Vacation Package in the amount of $ 2.99 and contains the following items:


  •  Elf.
  • Christmas.
  • Christmas tree.
  • Wreath.
  • Snowman.
  • Antlers.
  • Candy cane.
  • Present.


 This is all you need to know about How to get all the hats, pus is definitely a considerable amount that is presented to us in Among Us and it is not possible to put them down, so get them because they really are interesting.

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