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The action in Watch Dogs Legion does not stop, so we are going to explain how to recruit.

Why recruit in Watch Dogs Legion?

  Having an army is vital for the confrontations that we will carry out in the game, because there is an underworld to face, from the existing points of society we must add people to our team, our focus is on construction more when the city is at our mercy, now before that we need to know how to recruit and that is what will be presented in the following content.
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    How to recruit in Watch Dogs Legion?

     One of the first tasks that we must consider is to increase the number of our team, very often recruitment is necessary to be able to carry out the most complicated tasks, certainly to convince a citizen is very difficult, to achieve it we must first do something for the one we seek to recruit, but it is not the same with those who have debts and police records, if we help citizens it is possible to gain their trust and they can agree to join our team, at the beginning of the game the election of some agents is necessary , where we have that each of these have different characteristics, among which are those with greater health capacity and others that are better when fighting and so on.

     With our phone it is possible to notice the capabilities that a citizen possesses when walking through the different places of the city, now pressing the LB allows us to recruit that individual, it is important the capabilities that the person to recruit has, it is not ideal to do so With anyone we meet, it is certainly possible to add them while they have special features, the recruitment of a guard in a restricted place can provide uniforms, which will allow us to access those places that are with restrictions, a truncheon as a weapon is Being ideal for melee and semi-pistol is also a great support in this situation.

     Knowing how to recruit is interesting, since it will allow us to develop and have more fun in Watch Dogs Legion.

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